Milan Tomin Data Analytics and Strategy Professional

Milan Tomin

Data Scientist

Data-driven business professional working in agile manner. Relentlessly focused on results, using data as a source of truth and analytics as a vehicle to value.
Transforming business models and capabilities by using technology and common sense.

What I do:


  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Transformation
  • Project Management
  • Critical Thinking


  • Wrangling
  • Analytics & Modeling
  • Visualization
  • Machine Learning


  • Python
  • SQL
  • AWS
  • Power BI & Tableau



Professional Experience

Data Analytics Manager
Apr 2019 – Sep 2019

Real estate startup technology company (contract position)

  • Introduced ETL data practice handling multiple external and internal data sources
  • Analyzed and produced actionable insights on the relation between number of properties in the market and Community Banks with corresponding holdings in the Tri-State area; New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
  • Standardized data procedures, created BI reporting tools and dashboard templates using Tableau
ARCONIC, Inc. (Alcoa), New York, NY
Senior Analyst, Strategy & Data
Jan 2018 – Mar 2019

$14Bn company focused on manufacturing precision metal products for the aerospace industry

  • Collected, transformed and analyzed big data from multiple data sources, using Excel, SQL, and Python
  • Created, presented and explained complex topics in simple terms for executive leadership by producing interactive and engaging dashboards using Tableau and/or PowerPoint to visualize and clearly communicate my analysis
  • Performed competitive and financial analysis of Arconic’s top aerospace customers and competitors to maintain a business intelligence flow and help senior leadership make educated strategic decisions
  • Developed a new methodology for more accurate revenue forecasting of Arconic’s five-year Defense Program by segmenting product manufacturing lifetime into specific multi date-time series including transportation and assembly
ARCONIC, Inc., New York, NY
Operations Analyst
Feb 2017 – Jul 2017
  • Improved the process of collecting competitor’s benchmark financial data by creating automated Excel models, resulting in a reduction of 640 working hours or roughly $50,000 in savings per year
  • Produced quarterly production rate forecast updates using in-house data and over 10 external data sources to inform strategic decisions for Arconic’s plants, business units, and sales force team
  • Developed a disruptive technology monitoring capabilities by creating Excel models and connecting it to multiple third-party data sources specialized in tracking emerging technologies
  • Delivered impactful insights to some of the company’s most pressing strategic and operational challenges
Project Manager
Feb 2013 – Dec 2016

$10Bn company focused on electric power generation, supply, and distribution

  • Conducted quantitative (consumption and revenue) data analysis to identify areas of unauthorized use of electric power resulted in 12% decrease of non-technical losses 
  • Identified reporting (metric) issues in different business units and led a project to standardize reports and metrics across the enterprise resulted in organized and SAP ERP ready system
  • Conducted market analysis to identify future open market (non-monopoly) threats and opportunities
  • Managed a team of eight employees mainly supporting strategy and IT projects
Mar 2009 – Jan 2013

IT solutions, web development and marketing company

  • Transformed traditional business operations by implementing new technologies and digital infrastructures
  • Developed recommendations designed to streamline business operations and boost profits
  • Used Google Analytics and operational data sets to improve client goals, primarily sales conversion rates
ICOM, Europe
May 2007 – Jan 2009

Consulting firm best known for its work in the turnaround space

  • Analyzed big data sets and generated insightful conclusions and actionable recommendations
  • Used a wide range of operational and financial data to determine trends and opportunities


University of Novi Sad, Technical Faculty Mihajlo Pupin, Europe
Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering with a minor in Computer Science


Tableau / Looker


Business Strategy
Corporate Finance
Project Mgmt


Story Telling



Milan served as an analyst on my strategy team for a couple of years – first as an operations analyst focused on helping optimize the running of our internal consulting business, and later as a market analyst focused on driving strategic insights around the defense sector, one of the key markets for Arconic. 

He is an all-rounder who brings a strong mix of both IQ and EQ – this makes him highly flexible and adaptable to a range of business situations and needs. He has an insatiable curiosity to both learn new things as well as to go deep, and can rapidly pick up new topics, create fresh insights from them, and communicate the analysis in creative and compelling ways. He also brings a very strong set of analytical tools to bear to his work – whenever I was looking for a creative, new way to leverage office tools for data analysis, he would be the first person I went to. 

He naturally takes initiative, forms strong working and personal relationships quickly with his colleagues, always puts the team first, and is a major contributor to a positive workplace culture. One of my favorite people to work with.

Ashok Divakaran Strategy, Technology & Transformation C-Level Executive

*Ashok managed Milan directly in Arconic headquarters in New York, NY, during the period Feb 2017 – Mar 2019.
**Recommendation received on LinkedIn on October 26, 2019

About me

About me

I am passionate about research, analysis, and strategy. The critical thinking and problem-solving are what excites me the most as they are skills I have honed throughout my career and excel in.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Computer Science and years of experience working with Microsoft Excel, Python and SQL for data analysis and with tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Tableau or Matplotlib in Jupyter notebook to communicate my findings in a simple and compelling way.

In previous roles, I often served as the communication bridge between executives (clients), engineers (doers), and designers (makers). This distinct ability to skillfully speak a full range of business languages is the result of having worked in a diverse range of roles during my career.



Vice President, Aero Club Novi Sad

Founded in 1923, the Aero Club Novi Sad is one of the oldest aeronautical institutions in Eastern Europe. As Vice president, I was responsible for all in-air sports activities like aircraft precision flying, glider competitions, and skydiving. I also led the transformation of the Club from a non-profit to a commercial organization by commercializing attractive aero activities including aerial sightseeing by airplane, tandem skydiving, and tandem glider flights.


Volunteer Work

Member of the board, Photography club FKV

The club was recognized to be the fastest growing photo community with the most original photo initiatives in the region. I raised funds from local corporations for many photography contests and exhibitions.


Personal Interest

Cycling, skydiving, golf, guitar, percussion, photography, cinematography, chess, and financial markets



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